I'm done burning bridges
These days you burn the city down
I got more reasons why I have no faith in you
It's been 7 years and you still can't get a clue

I know I have no say in what I've done
But that doesn't mean you have to tell the world what I once was

You think your so fucking good
Like your the angel who's misunderstood

Ladies and gentemen
Proceed to the nearest exit
Cause I swear they're won't be much of what you call home
I'm wiping out everything we've known
Your not the perfect son
I know everything you've done

Don't apologize
I know you won't mean it
Everything I've ever done never meant much
So just burn it with the rest of your shit

Keep my name out of your mouth
And don't ask for my help
This time I'm not lending my hand
For a volture that cares for only himself

So pray for death

What's left to say
Other than were no more than an ocean away
I've done better without you

So don't ever call me your best friend
Because those people always stick to the end
Now burn with the rest of the city
As I venture on to a new life

This is the final chapter between you and me
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Don't Leave Cali Move To SFS Lyrics

Falco Does It Dirty – Don't Leave Cali Move To SFS Lyrics

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