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Comforting Fantasy Lyrics

Faithful Synthesis – Comforting Fantasy Lyrics

Following the bigoted masses
Blindfold hysteria led by counter-intuition
Paranoia to conspiracy theories
Mix facts to attend superstition

Extrapolate utopia from partial data
Reassured by false premise
Childish feelings to live in comforting fantasies
The arrogance to overvalue self

(The infancy of the species)
A pernicious imagination
A securing veil hiding reality
A comforting lie full of ambiguity

A way to circumvent truth
(A way to grudge verity)
Naive overconfidence strutting in solace
Evidence dismissed by the will to believe

A security blanket
Covering metaphysical lies
Pseudoscience protected
Protected in consoling cries

Assertions by bystanders of dreams
(Assertions by bystanders of dreams)

Wailings and incantations
Assisted by mirages
Committing sins of your own sect
Individual cult of spiritual hypocrisy

Eyewitness testimony

From an unevolved commonsense

From an unevolved commonsense
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