Verse 1:
Nicci: It's been a long time... Yeah, since I looked in a mirror... and liked what I see

Keke: It was a hard climb... Yeah, things are much clearer... in my reality and how people see me, yeah

Syleena: Always feeling ashamed, (Hey), because of what I was told... Now I'm taking the ugly, and made it beautiful, yeah

Nicci: Found me a place, where I ain't doin' nothin', but lovin' myself, and everything about me, yeah...

Keke: Said I found me a place, where it don't even matter, what nobody else thinks, 'cause I'm lovin' me, (yeah)

Verse 2:
Faith: It's been a long time... since I sang on a song... They said my voice was right, but my curves were all wrong

Monifah: It's such a hard time... when the media chooses... who wins or who loses, but I gotta fix what your illusions

Syleena: Oh, no, no longer feelin' the pain... I'm more than good enough... Gave my power away... But now I back and stronger


Together: If I'm not a size 2, it don't fit you, it's okay, (Syleena) I refuse to be dismissed because my skin is darker than yours, (Nicci) all that power when say "You're pretty in the face", if only I could lose some weight, (Monifah) anything you can do, I can do better, (Keke) made up my mind, won't stop never...


Let me see you put your hands in the air if you love yourself (repeat 6x)

(Monifah)'Cause I'm lovin' me (Together: Me! )
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Lovin' Me Lyrics

Faith Evans – Lovin' Me Lyrics