(Verse 1)
Lifes a trip and my mind straight dipped
On outta ma head. (higher voice) Was it something I said?
O O O O O my god!
It's a fire breathing dragon smokin a blunt in the back of his shagon wagon. Times a laggin.
And in my brain, Have I gone insain?
Living life Frame by frame by frame?
No? What a shame.
Why play the same games of slauter and maim?
Don't you know that's how the floods came?
You'll never tame me bitch.
And to ye who snitch keep talkin,
Your dead men walkin,
Future crime scene chalkin.
The land of the fallin,
Is callin your number,
It's time for your final slumber.
My rhymes you'll remember forever
If not it's whatever tomorrow will be better.
Never say never. Let love be your teather.
Rollin with my head up high no matter the wheather.
Cause farther than the sky.
Blast off with just a sigh.
I pity the man who lives a lie.
For only he who drops to fly,
Doesn't try, but looks inside,
And sees,
Visions come alive.
ABC 123 Gummy bears are chasing me.
1 is hot, 2 is not,
3 is even smoking pot.
So if in life you don't sucseed,
Fuck it all and go smoke weed.
(Verse 2)
Hold, Hold, Hold on a second.
I'm just checkin if the cops are comin don't start runnin,
Or be done in by you lack of a grasp on realitys syntax.
Don't talk back, or I will smack the crap out of you for being a faggot.
(This next part is my veiw on war and how it is essential)
You say it's tragic that the tactics
Of a single maniac can react
To cause such casualtys but in reality,
That's just a falicy based on assumptions and perceptions
Of death and destruction.
For our population cannot be containd by the same thing
That causes evolution.
Natural selecion, survival of the fittest and the quickest.
You think that the advancement of the quality
Of our medication will be our salvation.
That's just a decption.
That will be the end of men and women like you and me.
So breath. In and out.
For that's what it's all about. Right?
Flouting the resourses in nature not sharing or caring
Why a bird crys where a tree used to be but between you and me.
It's mind is more free than yours will ever be.
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Life's A Trip Lyrics

Faded Flames – Life's A Trip Lyrics

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