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Carelessness Lyrics

Fade – Carelessness Lyrics

What's the point in telling me your problems
When all it does is drag me into the situation
You expect me to react as if I really care
But I'm not you and I never was there
You mourn in the morning and weep in the evening
To expect someone fair to notice your weeping
Yet you have no reason to be so down
But you still manage to turn that smile upside down

Shout it
Scream it
I don't care

The words that you say are merely so soundless
Curshing my brain at the point of silence
The depression is building and growing on me
Losing myself and my integrity
Buy me my soul back and I'll rebuild yours
Making you fucked up more than before
You will finally understand what it's really like
Your body shaking as you hit the spike
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