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Flagstaff Lyrics

Facing New York – Flagstaff Lyrics

We heard the rumble of a faint explosion,
Sending waves that tremble underground.

It was the sound of a new decision.
We are debris of a system going down.

All we wanted was,
All we needed was,
In their hands.

If our bodies fell cold and lifeless,
Would you consider collapsing next to mine?
Or if you want to march down Market,
I would like to be there by your side.

All I wanted was,
All I needed was,
In your hands.

Now I know what this city's like in November,
It makes me want to walk and walk forever.
So here we stand on 18th and a moment,
Years apart but sharing all we have and all we know.

The streets were screaming song.
They sang imagine through John Lennon.
He stopped and spoke with me.
On that San Francisco apartment balcony.

Imagine a free world.
Imagine a nation beautiful and true.
You heard him speaking too,
Imagine me tangled up with you.

But you don't always get what you beg for,
We've spoken once of several times before.
No, just don't walk out that door!
When can I see you again?

All I am, all I was, and all I need is in your hands
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