And I can still remember your face
The moment that I promise not to fade away
The way the wind was playing with your hair
Your smell's always floating inside my head

And I can still remember your eyes
Pretendig there was nothing between you and I
The sunlight poiting right to your smile
The one you want to hide because you have a broken heart

Don't you worry (x3)

And I can can still remember our dreams
I know someday someday we'll go to Paris
You said that we were meant to be happy
Running away from death and from here

And I can still remember out treat
You buy the books, I buy the CD's
We both know together we are free
Because you like secrets and I like you to trust in me

Don't you worry (x3)

Just hold my hand
That I'll see you grow
It doesn't matter now how much you cried alone
Just close your eyes
My love is pure
I won't leave you into the darkness on your own


Don't you worry (x3)
Don't you ever worry.
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Don't You Worry Lyrics

Fabricio Robles – Don't You Worry Lyrics