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Death In The Family Lyrics

Fabolous – Death In The Family Lyrics

[Fabolous (talking):]
I don't got time for all this
Just fast forward to the part where he start killing shit
Yeah like right here
Yeah (yeah)
Yeah (yeah)

Tough times don't last but tough people do
I father n-ggas the way wayne and puff reproduce
Lil rap bastards
Running round with your snapback caps backwards
Should be in rap caskets
Who you think showed them the go hard with stunting
And who you think showed 'em that those broads was nothing
And who you think showed 'em that those cars was something
And when fathers day came I got no card or nothing
So I ain't out here trying to expose frauds for nothing
And I ain't out here pulling these hoes cards for nothing
They was bitches on deck y'all, made 'em queens
Watching sports with a chick that got ball player dreams (swish)
I'm watching these dogs play with my old bones
I feel like n-ggas done found one of my old phones
We in the house, y'all looking to hold loans
And when the market was up, you wouldn't have sold homes
So this the foreclosure of the wannabe
If you can't be yourself, then who you gonna be?
Dad to your swag, your style was like a son to me
Your stylist got thank yous, you never sent one to me
Lets pray for 'em
Y'all repeat this one with me
"now I lay me down to sleep, I pray for those who run with me
If I die before I wake, arrest the girl I brung with me
I give the Lord my swag to take whenever God is done with me"

I be saying to myself as I put on da gloves
It hurts when you gotta kill a n-gga you love [x4]

[Paul Cain:]
It's painful when bestfriends become ya enemies
And you finding out that they not who they pretend to be (wow)
The whole time you conspired to put an end to me
And I'm still trying to show this n-gga love, silly me
So I might she'd tears as I put on my gloves
But I won't show emotions when I fill him with slugs
Cause n-ggas die everyday here
And you can get hit picking ya seed up from daycare
N-ggas don't play fair
That's why I'm straightforward, f-ck being all discrete
If I can knock 'em off quick, f-ck beefing all for weeks
So we was up late night hunting, y'all was sleep
Cause we the wolves hiding in clothes, y'all the sheep
Who taught ya the game, who showed y'all the streets?
And who bought 'em them things they sold y'all for cheap?
And who came up the bill when them hoes called police?
Now you fronting so I gotta expose y'all to see
Ungrateful motherf-cker, who fed you when you was hurting? (me)
Whenever drama came up, who was putting the work in? (me)
I was spitting live on hot 9
You was still rehearsing
Already my son and this was before I met you in person
So no matter how many colorful fake chains you purchase
Like that bullshit you wearing
You're always gonna b worthless
You just spit it, I lived it
Who's really writing the verses
Lose put em in the casket who you think driving the hearses

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