Hey Kid,
Wanna have some fun?
Choose a side
And, here's your gun

Brought up,
Knowing right from wrong,
Squash the meek,
Inherit the strong

Just try and,
Cross the line,
Don't even bother
To waste my time

What's that
Look in your eyes?
It's time I cut you,
Down to size

This world ain't
Big enough for two,
And I've got my
Sights on you

Would you like to be,
I'm A warhead
You're A warhead
A warhead just like me?
He's A warhead
She's A warhead
Watch 'em scream 'n yell
Would you like to be,
A warhead too
When I blow them
Straight to hell

It's us and them
Just like your Daddy
In Vietnam
Monkey see,
Monkey do,
Your boy's grown up
Just like you

This world ain't
Big enough for two
And I've got my
Eye on you


I've seen Black heads,
White heads,
Red heads,
Dead heads,
Big heads,
Shit heads,
But, there's no heads
Like warheads!
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Warheads Lyrics

Extreme – Warheads Lyrics

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