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Cash Money Lyrics

Extra Prolific – Cash Money Lyrics

Snupe: It's the pimp
30 hoes and a color tv
A fat Lincoln Continental ridin' long
So I be the mack
And I see ya at
Another place and point so I'll anoint
While you be exact (when you quote)
I own 40 Colt 5 hookers and the ache ya
Ya betta make your mind before I wake ya
Using my maid I lay all of them
Not afraid of aids
And I create the fall again
When niggas trip and tippin' in my wine
If and never
I'm feelin' under the weather
I've got a dip in time
So go swimmin'
Reminiscin' ain't necessary
I guess you're very funny when it comes to the money
I got a liquor stow hittin' fa mo then you could purchase
You worthless
I own the motherphukkin' circus
And what you want, but you ain't knowin' me
You just owin' me
And can't anotha nigga flow with me

Casual: I give a ho a G
Because you know it's me
Casual the body rocka
Knock ya off the Vodka
When I locka
Chev up and rev up
The hottie all we doin' is spin and grin and while we spend thousands
Got gold motherphukas in housin'
But Casual motherphukka ain't no browsin'
Strictly buyin'
Cause what we have, we are
Chillin' out with with my bitch eatin' Caviar
Don't laugh, we raw
At this rap shit
And it pays
By the phrase
Perhaps it don't seem too for real ya'll
But Casual is in it for the dollar bill ya'll
I gotta peel ya'll
And plus investments in fresh shit
Makin' dough
In Swiss accounts
And this amounts. .. To cash money!
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