I've discovered a bird that sings
It's song reminds me of great great trouble.
And Milly she befriended a star
Who's rays five languid fingers where.
And I was chased by this horrible thing
Who ran sideways while spitting bubbles.
We both came home with pink round sores
As big as the bird as big as the bird
Behold self hatched children.
Scattered them upon the face of the earth.
Behold self-hatched children.
Resting place of those who built it.
Strife against believing in a maker.
And it's from this to nothing we create we crave to giving to something
And since there is that nothing it will never be there waiting for you.
Cause that something is nothing were craving were wanting

Sprouting whores from your father
A fucking mess my god what went wrong.
Behold self-hatched children
A forceful release spew your filthy seed.
A returning thrust of a contaminated weed.
It's a residue of bastards a residue of bastards.
They run around all night hard to get any sleep.
Those goddamn stains difficult to clean.
Why you gotta go and bother Mr. Malley as he paints his porch?
I like to spend my time watching lunatics talk.
And then me and Milly will treat ourselves to a space walk.
You gotta try at something.
You gotta try at something.
Cause somethings better than nothing.
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Whores Of Babel Lyrics

Exotic Animal Petting Zoo – Whores Of Babel Lyrics

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