A man of strength and the power of will.
Animal instinct with a thirst to kill.
Said he once shot and killed a bird in flight and
How he stole your girlfriend and fucked her all night
Liars. I hope my vengeance will outlast.
Cause I'll slither and piss on all of your graves
You'll be dead and rotting with nothing to say
Yea and patience is golden I hope
From the time it takes to pile the dirt up to your knees
The vermin will gather hosting your disease.
Like pins and nails gives blood it shape.
Spread it over on the walls drain the veins.
You tell me to play the games and I play your games.
I see the mole the wolf the cloak.
I place the blame.
I knew you've one.

Now I'm sick and complaining I'm sick and complaining.
I've tried to stomp you out cut you down fix that grin
But I was hung before I started cast in a sea of sin.
Through judgement I am found.
Through judgement I am found.
Above and beyond.
Casted away signal for relief
The pins and needles and rumors of a disease.
And you keep talking to me.
And you keep talking to me.
Catch me my vengeance now catch me.
Come on get it. Come on get it. Come on.
Catch me in vengeance I'll make it my effort by clawing your face no pity to
End it.
The talk of these rumors spreads like mold on a canvas.
So suck back your bullshit you're the next target.
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Exotic Animal Petting Zoo – The Great Explainer Lyrics

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