I went out tonight and closed down the bar
Drank seventeen beers and smoked ten cigars
I left my car downtown and I walked home
I got home at three or maybe three-thirty
My hair was a mess and my jeans were all dirty
But there your sweet face was waiting up on me
Now come on honey why you being so mean
And these kitchen lights look like my Chevy's high beams
I can't participate or concentrate on anything you're trying to do
So please quit your screaming it's hurting my head
I'm taking a leak and then I'm going to bed
I'll see you in the morning and by the way I love you
And she said
You can love me, you can love me
You can say you tried but honey you're outside tonight
Cause that's where your bags and clothes will be
You're showing no respect for me
And I can't take it anymore so if I see you in the morning
You can tell me bout' your new dirt floor
So I'm pounding on the windows, I'm pounding on the doors
What the hell is she talking about
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Dirt Floor Lyrics

Exit – Dirt Floor Lyrics