Won't ya give me just one more chance
Maybe we could make a lil romance
No reason why you and me can't get it back together
Like it used to be
Gimme Gimme Gimme just another try
If I can't have you I'm gonna die
Give me one more chance give me one more chance

Do you remember how it used to be
When we had a love so true
You were my confidant
You were my closest friend
Someone that I could always turn to
Then I played the fool let you slip right through my hands
Ooh I let you get away Now I've come runnin back
Hopin you will let me back in your heart someday


I'm so alone here without your touch and
It seems like a lifetime to me
Oh darlin can't you see right now I know
How wrong one man can be


Oh gimme one more chance gimme one more chance
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Give Me One More Chance Lyrics

Exile – Give Me One More Chance Lyrics

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