They say that a shadow is a reflection of your soul
Searching for the starting line where the winds have

They say - that you can't even
They say - learn to know
They say - if you want believe
They say - let your feelings go

Shadow Winds
Shadow Winds, start to blow
Shadow Winds
Shadow Winds, the place to go

1st Chorus
Can't conceive - what I believe
Shadow Winds - you won't receive
Can't conceive - what I believe
Shadow Winds - You won't receive

Verse 2:
Shadow Winds go on and on
Your at war with your own con
Soul searching is what you do
Keep your hope and keep your crew

Chorus 2:
Shadow Winds blow on and on
Blazing force with a blazing cause
Shadow Winds blow far beyond
Your identity

Verse 3:
When it comes to the bottom line
Go beyond where the sun does shine
Shining bright so you can see
The sun�s warmth will set you free

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4:
Living in a world of confusion
To be yourself is my law
Just because socially you rule
It becomes your biggest flaw
I never thought you would listen
Surprises are all welcomed
I'm glad to see that you have found yourself
And that happens pretty seldom

Repeat Verse 3

Repeat Chorus 2
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Shadow Winds Lyrics

Excel – Shadow Winds Lyrics