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Milk Your Goat Lyrics

Example – Milk Your Goat Lyrics

Milk your goat, take a sip from your beverage
Wet your throat, find a nice bird and tell her
Get your coat, and if she says to you
"No you don't", slip something in her drink

[Verse 1]
I watch her chatting to that fella and I'm thinking they're never lovers
She's a little minx, he looks like one of the Neville Brothers
He's looking smug so he's starting to bug me
This dude is fucking ugly, it's not cause I'm jealous
Of other fellas when they're getting into gashes they shouldn't be
Intoxicated women who when sober they wouldn't be
Getting anywhere, but by exhibiting magic tricks
The girl don't even notice when he's starting to grab her tits
20 minutes prior to the start of this monologue
This dude was at the bar all by himself looking proper odd
And when the pretty girl turned her back for a second-or-two
Did what all predators-do took his opportunity
He slipped something in her beverage
He knew he never had a chance so to give him more leverage
Cheated now you got a poor little innocent
Off her fucking face and she's thinking she loves him
Looking at him longingly, this ain't where she wanna be
I feel like I'm the only one who noticed this anomaly
Morally inclined to interject, intercept the dudes plan
Just before it's gets sickening
Heartbeat quickening, I dunno what he put in her glass
But as they pass me he's grabbing her arse cheeks
If it gets nasty I'll stop the shenanigans
A spanner in his plan look he's over-milked it

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
She's still holding the same drink, she gives him a lame wink
Whatever he gave her it won't let her brain think
Straightly, now shies grinning sat in his lap, his mates
Take turns giving him a pat on the back
He's got her in his grasp he can do what he wanna do
Take her back to his place you know what he gonna do
I ain't a fan of it he don't deserve her
She's far too pretty man how did he manage it
Just as I get closer, I look at her finger
It all becomes clear why she's letting him linger
He was stood with a sly little look on his boatrace
And judging by his threads, he clearly has no taste
Except in buying jewellery, he's so uninhibited
He's really made a fool of me cause now I see what he did
This flash rich bastard is far from plastered
He's worked a little plan that he's totally mastered
Sees his target, checks she's on the market
And slips a diamond ring into her glass as she guards it
I guess that's pretty cheesy but some men are sleazy
And if you chose wisely some women are easy
When she spots the present say it's yours to keep
And for at least one night she's yours to keep
Just flash a precious stone it's as simple as that
So there you have it lads, rohypnolís old hat

[Hook x2]

[Bridge x2]
Look I really gotta clear my throat
Fellas looking silly when they stand and gloat
You ain't getting nothing if you don't take note
See the opportunity and milk that goat

[Hook x2]
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