Come and fly
Fly, away, away with me
With me

The night awakes in the light of the moon
Come alive
Awake and breathe
Chase a moonbeam
On the silvery white sea
Take on the shadows of, of the deep
Ghostly images
Come and dance, dance with me

Fly and be free
Fly and, be, be, be free

Come away with me
Chase me through fields of green
As butterflies light the night
In dazzling brilliant ecstasy

Awake and breathe
And fly away with me

Down by the sea
The waves crash in time
With me

Awake awake awake and breathe

Dance on a milky white sea
Butterflies surrender reality
Pulling me endlessIy

Stars of never ending beauty
Inside of me
Inside, inside of of of me

Come and awake and breathe
Butterflies of night, glow endless
On the milky white seas
Come and dance with me
The night calls our name
We are ever, ever, ever the same

Dance in this figure 8
That we paint

Come on
Awake and breathe
Dance on this milky white sea
Our love is endless
It is infinity

Come on
Awake and breathe
Butterflies surrender helplessly
In the night under the moonlight
Tonight, dance and be free

Come away away with me

Awake awake and breathe

Time, time is spinning to the ground
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Butterflies Of Night Lyrics

Evy Raine – Butterflies Of Night Lyrics