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Coveting Elysium Lyrics

Evoken – Coveting Elysium Lyrics

Through the imperishable night
Mist falls upon your shapeless form
Down into a swirling white shroud
Draping all in ethereal latency
An enchanted voice
Cuts through the mystery
Singing to the soulless ones
Searching... (in vain?)
Opalescent world -
Hidden beauty
Take my spirit away
To the land of silent dreaming

My limbs ache, so I must crawl
Towards this melancholia
Sorrowful yet divine
It soothes my weary body
For I am lost and the path has been obscured.
The light - the sound
Of infinite joy
I long to feel them once again
Come forth through the darkness and eddying haze...
Take my spirit away.
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