Yes I've been in new york town
I've been walking around feelin' up and down
Used to sleep in motels for few dollars a day
Hardly tryin' to find my way

Then I had to move away from new york town
Goin' west on a bus, sleeping in a bag
And got to Denver, got to Omaha, got to L. A., got to the sea and I said:

No no no no no no no Don't bury me
Ain't got no friends, ain't got no chance
Don't bury me

Well, I met a young lady so far from home
In a small mountain cabin down a hidden trail
Such a terrible day! I swear I cried when I left her
It wasn't she, it wasn't me... But ther was something wrong so I said:

No no no...

It's a real stupid story, it doesn't have any sense
But it's nice to remember some details of your life
When I met that young lady I couldn't feel it was me
Maybe it was a man I've never been, then I cried for so long so I say:

I know baby you're gonna get mad on me
But no, no don't you be sure you won't bury me
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Don't Bury Me Lyrics

Evil Ways – Don't Bury Me Lyrics