It takes a bitch as cold as you to wear your fur so well and such a bitch to
Be around to cause my hide to swell. O' welts are burning insides churning
O' agony my worm is turning humbly yearning for thy spurning walk this dog
To hell I like fur. It takes an itch as old as mine meat scratched red and
Raw your guiding lash shall do me fine but spare me not your claw o' flogged
And bleeding yes secreting reward my presence with a beating for I've been
Needing some defeating find my fatal flaw walk this dog to hell I like fur.
It takes a witch as cold as you you'd wear your fur to hell and such a bitch
To be around lonely time will tell never knowing what your throwing blood is
Flowing skin is glowing if you selling what your showing walk this dog to
Hell I like fur.
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I Like Fur Lyrics

Evil Mothers – I Like Fur Lyrics