Wake up from this nightmare
Wake up in a cold sweat
Reach for you hand, but you're not there
While I'm trying so hard to just forget

Can't you tell no wrong from right
What is shadow, what is light
You have torn our love apart

Love is Fool's Goid
It is not what it s meant to be
Love is Fool's Gold
Love is blind, way too blind to see

My heart is bleedin'
I'm headin' for the end
Nothing left, left to believe in
This is much more, than I can stand

My life's a drag since you went away
My heart is cloudy on a sunny day
But we were supposed to fail - fail from the start

[Chorus x2]

Fool's Gold, Fool's Gold

[Chorus x2]

Fool's Gold, Fool's Gold
Fool's Gold - So damn wrong
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Fool's Gold Lyrics

Evidence One – Fool's Gold Lyrics