I'm tryna read my ocean home
I'm tryna read my ocean
Though I don't know nothing of the swamp
And I could be a limbless star
Pushing out the circle
Ready to delight [incomprehensible]
And you don't look impressed
I could be the dolphin of your dreams
Willing wings to my chest
One day I'll go up and show you how
Winds and monsoons will give you a [incomprehensible]
But so much yet to hide, am I lose no more friends no
Film on my lips
And why you never call like I'm old, and I'm cold
I'm not coming good
A cherub in the ash tray

Wriggling back to the source,
And thrashing up the water falls for what
Somewhere there is a place
And I could be the whale that takes you all
But maybe I'm a lioness,
And when I reach the shore
I'll tear apart hyenas with no thought
Now organs and a glossy globe
And codder at the tension
Muscle mass and [incomprehensible]
Tryin’ to figure my place
And feverish with all my dreams away
They don't notice me now
But I could be the whale that takes them all

I know…

Try this and try this and try this again
I'm never gonna make it
Don't leave me, [incomprehensible] me
Let's try this again
The tiny little fish
[Incomprehensible] homeless, and [incomprehensible]
And drifting away
Just [incomprehensible]

And ancient up to the pond
Only to be lost among the wild
Somewhere there is a place
And I could be a pterodactyl god
I'm tryna to read my ocean home.
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Choice Mountain Lyrics

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