The stress from all of this will kill me.
It runs in my mother's veins.
No matter what I achieve from now on,
My bloodline will never change.
I'm gonna die, but i'll take this tired life,
And I'll push myself as far as I can go

I spent the night in my head,
Wondering what it'd take for me to let you down again.
But i'll take it as it comes; these days that feel like months
As my life passes by.
The world goes on it's seen in tired eyes.

Sometimes I don't think
That I can take much more of this,
But I'll keep pushing,
Because it's worth these sleepless nights.
In the faces of every person who feels the way I used to
I've found my reason to keep wasting my life.

The rings around my eyes have gotten deeper
And I resent my lack of sleep; every promise I made
And couldn't keep.
But I'm not quite dishonest, just a little misdirected.
I hope you see the good in me, it's all just slipping through the seems.
I hope you see the good in me.
I wanna tell you, oh, I wanna tell you it all

(It's worth these sleepless night)
I wanna tell you, oh, I wanna tell you it all
(to keep wasting my life)  see less
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Tired Life Lyrics

Everyone Leaves – Tired Life Lyrics