When I walk through town now
I feel like a clown now
Having fun

But my heart is dying
And my soul is crying
Life is done

On the surface, I come across
Like a happy go lucky man

No one knows how I feel inside
No one knows all the tears I hide
No one knows that the days are
Dragging me down, down, down
No one knows

Friends keep asking wether
We still come together
I say yes (I say yes)

How I wish that I knew
Where to look to find you
I'd be there (I'd be there)

All that's green has become alive
Without you, I want to die
(I want to die)


Someday, someone's bound
To see through me
Discover I'm just a clown
Believing that you still love me
When you're no longer around


How I feel inside
All the tears I hide
How I feel inside
All the tears I hide...
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No One Knows Lyrics

Every Mother's Son – No One Knows Lyrics