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Dance On Cloud 9 Lyrics

Everlasting Victory – Dance On Cloud 9 Lyrics


Walking down and around the city tonight,
Where I find a place that I use to dance.
Standing and waiting for a train that arrives,
With glowing lights that I hardly can see and breathe.

(Backup chorus)

I dance! Oh! I sing! Ah! I run!

(Solo Chorus)

I dance on cloud 9. Oh you will always be alright.
I sing the night away. As the sun start to rise.
I keep running back to my home.

[Verse 2:]

When we dance around as the music will play,
I could hardly hear the words you say.
So if we learn to fly up high, my head begins to
Float from my eyes.

(Repeat Chorus)

(Bridge Uprise Chorus)

Now, oh now!
Yea! {We keep dancing on the clouds,
We keep dancing on the clouds.}
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