Mr. Whitey Ford
I see the nightmare inside
Of your American Dream
I'm screaming:
Bismi allah al-rahman al-raheem
With your fascist regime
And racist magazines
Trying to ruin peoples livelyhood
You're all hoods
All their tricks and bedfellows
There's safety in numbers
Cause some cats are fighters and
Some cats are runners
Big game hunters assassin made politicans
While corporate ceos
Got their ruthless ambitions
Nostradamus premonitions
They see the end coming
Every kid from the suburb
A hundered miles and runnin'
The influence is stunnin'
Enough to make you stagger
Cause prep-school Johnny
Got some thug in his swagger
Take seven politicians
Put them in a line
Take seven Hollow Points
Put them in my Nine
I'll give them seven more minutes
For some prayin' time
Then I'll pull back my trigger
And I'll blow your mind...
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The Nightmare (Muggs Mash-Up) Lyrics

Everlast – The Nightmare (Muggs Mash-Up) Lyrics