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From Someone Who Knows II Lyrics

Ever Since July – From Someone Who Knows II Lyrics

Darling, I want you to know
How grateful we are
I hope you know it's never gone unnoticed
All the time and effort
Oh the time, oh the time
Believe me time will only show more so
That I've loved uncondtionally
And you don't want to start to compare
You will lose for sure..let me tell you a bit more
How miserable pitiful and desparate
You must of felt
To constantly of been searching
For something you knew was there
Yes you knew was there
And it could of been anywhere by then right
But you kept up with the fight
And never gave up
Doesn't sound like love
Sounds set up
Thank you for finding a way out for him
Yes you call that love
And all your deadlines
Wow what a gem
Part of your controlling ways
It's so clear you've become what you hate
Lets start with how you stay up so late?
All the time and energy
What were you taking to hide your fate?
You think you are meant to be
Because you know of his secrets and lies
Girl that doesnt mean your meant to be
Sounds like blackmail
From a girl like me
I wish your taste in music was better as well
You'd maybe know Zepplin has so much more than Stairway to heaven
But hey like your song writing
It's a start
And what do you expect from a girl with no heart
So before you ask once more with your evil little grin
Whos next?
Well look in the mirror
Oh you are what you hate
There must be a reason a woman would knowingly stay with a man who cheats
Who welcomes it
I've only heard of money hungry bitches
And that ladys is the true meaning of a whore
So there must be a reason such as that
The worst of the worst
I feel sorry that the love you keep finding
Is only by hurting others
And grasping at threads
You had over half your life with him
And still couldn't clue in
Now your deciding to relinquish some control?
Now maybe your toning down your bitch??
I wonder how you feel now
Knowing someone who knows how many
Know your inner thoughts and feelings
That now your the one being exposed inside and out
Ahh yes and out
The only uncover I see
Is your lesbian crush
To spend so much time watching me
You must truley want me
It's ok I won't tell
Next time just ask
And I'll send you a picture
This time with my permission
Yes that's the legal way to do it my dear
Oh you couldn't handle whats been sent my way
Save yourself now
No more begging and pleading
You had your chances over and over
You were shown affections and attention
For all your hard work
If only you'd put as much effort into the relationship when he was there!
One good thing is
Your marriage will always last
Long as your not breathing the same air as him
So we moved closer that's about all we could do
Yes that's how you'll breathe
My sisterwife
My friend
Thank you again
Welcome to the club
You are the worst of the worse
Your nothing good
Just filled with bitterness and hate
I'll never be like you
So yes
For the first time in history
Someone like me
Will stay exactly like me
With love in my heart
And hope
That people like you
Can make a new start
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