She said look at the moon, it's like a fingernail clipping
The sliver of light in the cold black sky
I gave her my coat, held her close and she cried
As the sun came up over the jagged sky line, the silence amplified our
Beating hearts
And I didn't answer when she asked why

One life to live and many paths to take
One twists and turns and falls away
And flowers bloom in brilliant light and fade into the night
So much to lose or so it seems, these idol games and children's dreams
How they confound and split the seams inside my mind I just keep moving on
Into the unknown

And I am walking alone by the St. Augustine bell thinking about you since
You went away
We used to sit here and watch as the shadows played
And if I try real hard, I can remember that sound ringing out just like a

Echoing off of the wall of the dark arcade


You know being alone feels like I'm holding my breath
I try to be cool, I try to push it down
I walk like I know
And the city's freaks are the face of a beast
It's always dark but he never sleeps
I crawl with the silence backed up by freaks come on
I'm getting on
Into the unknown
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Moon Lyrics

Eve 6 – Moon Lyrics