I have a way with words;
My vocab has surfeit terms -
This is not one of them.

I have superlative spelling;
Can explain how I'm feeling -
I've lost my expressiveness.

What gerundial phrase can I use to explain what's happening to me?
What possessive noun can I find written down to help me gain some ground?
Let's start with sounds:

I la la v y you
I love you

Why couldn't I find from the start
These little words in my heart
To say what you mean to me?

Well, you aren't as safe as my words,
Not as immutably secure.
At least I know where to start.

You give me premature, ventricular c-c-contractions
That cause my heart to have these palpitating reactions.
I can't obstain, and you're to blame.
I guess it goes without saying:

I la v y you
I love you

I'm conjecturing every word within rhetoric
For a lexeme that's practically prehistoric.
Just three witless words and simple syllables
Are compounding my scant list of ineffables.
You impede my locution, my normal nuances,
And induce these sequential chemical responses:
I see you and freeze like "The Day After Tomorrow;"
My heels are so high they'd top Kilimanjaro;
My frontal cortex of my brain just shuts down,
Neurotransmitting so much dopamine I could drown;
All this is multiplied by the ventricular quicken,
'Til I have as many hormones as Mcdonalds chicken.
Took weeks to define this saccharine psychosis
Of heart melting brain with the simple prognosis
Of a Disney film's cloy unnerving ultimatum:
The answer to this vertigo is verbatim.

I la v y you
I love you
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Verbatim Lyrics

Evangeline – Verbatim Lyrics