There will no stoppin
It's when you go hard then somebody man
This right here
Is Domination

This here what you call Domination
It's a combination of skill and concentration
So rise to the ocassion
Do somethin amazin
Cause anything that I do I dominate it x2

I'm stronger
Go harder
I'm a monster
I conquer
Dominate anything I want ta
My passion
My skill
My focus
My hunger
Just to put it simple I'm the ****
Yes I just want it mo than the next guy
And no you can do the things that I wan do
Real aggressive
Real rough around the edges
A man on a mission
Smashin the competition
Ooh my next victim
Get em? I got em!
Let me know if anybody else got a problem
Yeah cause they don't even stand a chance
Got the eye of the tiger and the heart of a champ

I just want it more
Yeah man I need to win it
Pedal to the floor
We gonna push it to the limit
Yeah man they wishin but they can't with me though
Even when it get's all quite I'm still in beast mode


See messin with the boy
You will quickly be destroyed
So just stay out my way
Ya something you should avoid
I think it's time to show the world what I got
Yeah I think it's time I turned it up a notch
I figured it out
Why they mad at us
Cause I'm in my zone
Oh yeah I got my swagga up
I put a hurtin on anyone who tests me
Close my eyes
Take a deep breath
Okay I'm ready
Yeah yeah I'm ready
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Domination Lyrics

Evan Jones – Domination Lyrics

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