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Superstar Lyrics

Euro Lud – Superstar Lyrics

Yeahh Euro Lud
I wana be a Moviestar na na
I wana be a Rockstar na
I wana be a Superstar haha Yeah Yeah
I wana be a Superstar

Aye Aye Aye


When I wake up I wana feel like a superstar
Riding big showing off like a moviestar
Doing big things party like a rockstar
Having fun chillin kickin with the pornstars

[Verse I]

Is this a dream I wake up and I'm living large
I love my life big cribs big cars

Where the money at 100g's flat
Sitting right beside me bout to go get that

Drive off in my brand new hummer
Stuntting like my daddy you know I'm a stunna

Paid of house with the paid of ride
No worries now man I'm about to go shine

About to go out and get on my grind
Straight to the bar and order me some wine

Time to go and party like a rockstar
I see the groupies man they wana jump in my car

They wana ride they wana see what I got
So we go hit my crib and party all night

Drinks on me don't worry about the charge
Everybody having fun cuz I'm a superstar

[Verse ii]

Is this a dream I wake up and I'm dead broke
No hunnies around me so I'm here alone

No paid of bills kinda running slow
Running low on gas man no joke

Barley getting by barely getting paid yo
Working 9 to 5 trying get the bread yo

Life's a bitch but I don't give a fuck yo
I try my best I gotta get it done yo

No time to be a superstar
Gotta get the paper then I'm moving far

Gotta do what I does just wana see
Wana see what I can truly wana be

If I don't know then I'm back once more
Making hits all day long just go

In my zone that's really where I wana be
I wana be a superstar just let me free
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