There's an unexplained creaking underneath my floorboards
And if you listen close you can hear the most haunting sound

Listless days trickle away in school
Across the room without a clue I see you
To her I never seemed much
To me she was a dream what horrible luck had I
Our eyes would never meet
Her cries were of defeat
They crept up my spine

Oh my dear I sent her off!
Oh my dear she's down down

In later years I built my home here
To rest beside familiar ground away
But oh! The crackles and the moans
Up and down my bones
I can't undo them
And now I'm losing sleep
The creaking underneath it makes me shiver

Oh my dear I cut her up!
Oh my dear she's down down
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Oh! My Dear Lyrics

Eureka Birds – Oh! My Dear Lyrics