I stand upon the crest and take a look out to the sea
The thoughts come to my mind make me want to flee
Sanity fades away like water in the sand
Where does this hatred come from, that I don't understand
Will this nightmare ever end, or are we victims of our heavy hand?
Remaining time is short to make up our minds
Do you really think, that peace is so hard to find
We have to be careful with the spark that starts a fire
'Cause these times are like we're walking on thin wire
... Like a walk on wire!

Rival leaders go to war
Fighting the battle in the name of some god
Taming the land
Bringing death and hunger for all people
This hate's a killer
In a breedin' frenzy that's growin' faster
So wake up and stand up
Fight the beast that's driven by fury
Save the people deliver us from evil
The bringer of hatred has to be eliminated!

Is it all in the hands of fate?

Children on the beach
They want to play in the water - but it's black
They're takin' what we give them
So why we don't care?
We gotta give Mother Earth a little dignity
We gotta leave our children
Somewhere to go, something to live for
We're only footsteps away from the end
Dancin' on the edge - do we know what we're doing?

Is it all in the hands of fate?

Let's come to our senses, 'cause it won't be too late
I don't think, that this really has to be our fate
No life's so short, that it can't be turned around
So raise your voice - don't live your life in the underground

It's time to end up this fight - don't hesitate
It's time to walk into the light
End up the fight - walk into the light

If we don't give up, we will live on
And make this place worth living in
So people join hands and let us be friends
The future is ours - don't waste it
The rainbow of blackness will disappear
The clouds of despair will vanish
Together we stand against all the hate

We got the power to win this game!
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Hands Of Fate Lyrics

Eternal Reign – Hands Of Fate Lyrics