Watching the hills in the horizon,
Seeing their banners rise.
The distant hills are shaking,
As war mist devours the skies.

An untameable beast approaches,
Made of sword and spear.
Hail the end, prepare for glory,
For there can be no victory here.

Out numbered by the thousands,
Still a fire in this heart.
With swords to the wind,
Our war cry shakes the earth.

We made an oat to this land and our family,
To fight till the last man is standing.
And now, this dark time has come,
For us all, to stand, united, as one.

And I know, out numbered, out flanked, the enemy surrounds us,
But still, side by side we fear no darkness.
We stand here with the hope that these dark times won't last,
We'll stand here, we'll fight, and we'll take most of them, with us.

I'll stand by you brother,
I gave you my word, and it won't be broken.
To this end, we'll be side by side,
Like the thousands of sunsets which has past us by.
As long as there's air, in these lungs,
I will fear no darkness, I will fear no pain,
I will keep on running, until whatever end consumes me.

To whatever end.
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To Whatever End Lyrics

Eternal Helcaraxe – To Whatever End Lyrics