Dream away near the fire
Near the fire in our eyes
Save your soul from the fire
Or you'll burn
Drown away in the fire
Like ice
Move away from the fire
Or you'll burn

Into the heat we shout like hell
All the angels follow
Wasted time we fall apart

Safe again and the ice melts
In our hands
You move again like the fastest
Slowest words
Like heaven's gone and I'm waiting for the light
As we walk into the fire
It just shines

Into the dream we shout at you
All the angels follow
Dream away just through the night

Everybody just felt cold
Just dream away all through the night
We move through the woods
Hear a scream oh it's ice cold
It seemed so low we wasted all those times

Into a dream we shallow
And all the angels follow
Into the night I die so cold
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Burned In Heaven Lyrics

Essence – Burned In Heaven Lyrics

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