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Endagered Species Lyrics

Esperanza Spalding – Endagered Species Lyrics

She's in danger, too
Human danger
Lone canary nesting near a runway whispers
Earthly strangers
Mighty jet planes fly you casually glancing
O'er seas and mountains
Too high to see this dying bird singing her swan song
No one hears it through the din as engines burn
Stars across the sky
Watch the caveman fly
Taking in the sights
Breathing out things die
Mother nature
Dying to reach you hasn't heard from you in
Ages since when her young children
Listened to her songs with awe and reverence
Now adolescents growing fast and eating her heart
No more thank you's no good mornings
Earthly dangers
What was once your modest home now
Swarms with cars and poison
Brown skies noise and playing with toys that kill you family
Blowing up the mountains foul oil fountains
Watch the caveman burn through the sky
The last canary screams her final song and dies while
Towards her nest crawl more sprawling towns
What burns up must come down
Human nature
Scrambling late to curb hard consequences
Young mankind so much potential
Time to heed Earth's guidance
Though our science brought us to novel heights
We must come back to mother
First she'll ground us the she'll whisper
You were my most endangered species
She's in danger, too
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