Were born
To meet someday
Our separate lives
And separate love
Stood in our way
I've hid for years
In this well lit room
All passing cars
Were failed attempts
To find you

Though every war
I've wanted to believe in
They only drove her
Farther out away from me
It's owed to endless exploration
That our paths would surely meet

Hey my lover
I would have searched forever
You're all I need
So many possibilities
Every chance I've taken
All the words they just have come out wrong
You're all I need
You're all I need

The distant past
Is not that far
Each charted course
That brought me back
To where you are
I just want to watch
The scene unfold
You've given me a strength
I did not know
Our tired eyes have grown
We both should get some sleep

I watch you lay beside me
Grazing shoulders
You are a shelter
I will soon discover
I've fallen victim to the trap
And I'm never coming back
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The Distant Past Lyrics

Escape Directors – The Distant Past Lyrics