(Verse I)
I was broken I was on my knees
I was searching for a sign
And I was wandering
I was lost at sea
But you placed your heart in mine
And how did we get here now
I am so grateful that I've been found

I've got an angel
You are my angel
As if you can't tell
From the smile on my face
You give me sensation
Sweet jubilations
And I've got an angel
I've got it made

(Verse ii)
I don't have a lot to offer you
But I'll give you all I have
For your love is unconditional and true
I want to learn to love more like that
There is one thing that's clear
Without your love I would not be standing here


Your love gives me wings
Your love is all I need
To believe

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Angel Lyrics

Ernie Halter – Angel Lyrics