I'm sittin' here all alone, and I am thinking, ' startin' out in the rain I felt, it pourin on the window pane

I saw your face and I look, and wait to see if you're lookin back at me, I swear it hit me like I want to be, like I want to be with you, girl

I've been running and running around, been looking for you but there's no one around
I tried so hard to find you, you've been blowing my mind, coz I want you, girl

I returned to the place, where I saw you, sittin' out in the rain, I'm wet, I felt it rollin down my face

I felt the pain that I took, coz I'm wanting you bad, girl, if you only knew
I wish I know just what to do, you know I'm dying just to have you

I've been longing, I've been longing for a girl like you, I want to find you, I want to love you
I really want to be with you
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Running Around Lyrics

Erik Santos – Running Around Lyrics