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Wicked Ways Lyrics

Eric Sardinas – Wicked Ways Lyrics

(Kick my ass)

Child, I can love you hot
Yes and I can leave you cold
A cold heart's all I got now baby
'Cause that's not what I sold
Look out!

Lord, my wicked ways
Ooh, don't fool around
(That's what I'm talkin' about)
Ooh Lord, my wicked ways
Will run you up and down

Winds, they change the sands
Waves, they change the seas
Child, you gotta understand me baby
There ain't no changin' me
Lord, my wicked ways
Don't fool around

Ooh honey, my wicked ways
Will run you up and down
'Round and around

Come on baby
I know you feelin' me baby

Yes, I got ways that's tricky
'Cause I'm never satisfied
I keep my lovin' sweet and sticky
And that keeps you by my side

Lord, my wicked ways
Whoo, don't fool around
Ah, no
Ooh Lord, my wicked ways baby
Gonna run you up and down

Come on
That's what I'm talkin' about
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