It's kinda funny how time can really change things
You were never like a play thing
You were the one I could talk to, oh
Then one night we took this thing further
Didn't think the things occurred were
Dangerous, and thought we'd still be cool
Now my conscious is getting at me
My pain is like laughing at me
I thought this would make us happy
But love wasn't all we made, girl
You made a great big mess of this
And if I could just have one wish
It would be not to discuss this, see I love you
But I've been in love
Being in love
Being in love
I've never been
Remembering when were just friends
Wish I had a time machine to go back to then
Now it hurts to see all that's happening
Went from talks and laughing and now
I just see your passion when were arguing, Though
Now and then, I sit and wonder how it would be if
I looked right past all the sweetness
My weakness has always been your smile girl
Now I hate how we had to end this
Even more we gave up a friendship
I need now but I can't talk to you about you girl
You can tell me about me, I feel like my heart's on empty
I wish that smile never tempted me, see...
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Been In Love Lyrics

Eric Roberson – Been In Love Lyrics