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Mind Trip Lyrics

Epure – Mind Trip Lyrics

I don't know where I am
The wind penetrating through my brain
The last scene was,
Seperation of my heart

I see a white membrane
Let me pass, cause I have to find...
...I have to find someone,
To say some; I am just one!

A new journey begins today
As my senses, passes away
Without knowing where to go
I seek for my new pathetic life!

I see a red globe
Drifting in cause, I have to find
I have to find a life sign
To reburn the fire of revenge

Where I live; my endless life
Where I live; my endless mind
Where I live; my endless world
It's all in my head and I am just one!

Buried in dreams of things
Which makes me purify
And this time I have to win
The battle of forgetfulness
Invisible thoughts,
Which makes me a special fool
But this time I have to win
The battle of "I am just one"

Timeless shade on my head
And with faith to me I will fight
Clarity is the word
Shelters; my issues reword
2 words which one is alive?
I choose to live in many lifes
I choose to die in many lies
Only for a reason, I am just one
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