I Looked At Faith
I Almost Walked Away
But I Looked Again
I Found the Nerve to Close My Eyes
And Say the Words
To Ask You in
And I Heard no Heavenly Chior
No Angels in Whit Attire
I Got no Amazing Super Hum
Omnipresent Pow But...


I Know You Now
I Know You Now
I Know You're in My Heart
I Know You Now
Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt
I Know You Now
I Look At Peace,
That Once Was Out of Reach
And Now It's Here
I Read Your Word
That Some Believe Is So Absurd
But I Hold Dear, Yea
'Cause You Loved Me
With Your Dying Breath
You Saved Me
When You Conquered Death
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I Know You Now Lyrics

Ephraim Lewis – I Know You Now Lyrics