The cruel history is still holding.
The time raised this valuable theory.
Learning crushes the mistakes.
Only on the days we cry, we rip the times.

And now, the background of the stories we tell and pass.
We know it and the truth at the bottom is crazed.
What our behavior means.
What comes from our knowledge?
Though we wait, the answers won't come ahead.

Cannot connect each person's thinking.
Everything is ill-matched and awkward.
High ideal. Sickness and poor minds.
Ignorance becomes a brag. Such a sad distance.
A miracle of sinful brains.

Now switch. Dare tomorrow.
Hold a great force to avoid agony.
Left in a self-alienation.
Have faith in both erasing you out and loving you.
The origins play frightened in a small garden.
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Distress Of Ignorance Lyrics

Envy – Distress Of Ignorance Lyrics