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Masquerade Of Angels Lyrics

Enterprise Earth – Masquerade Of Angels Lyrics

I ascend into the light
I feel my feet leave the ground
I'm immersed in kinetic warmth as I come closer to meeting the source in the sky
I look down to see a rotting world beneath me
A large structure begins to emerge from the light
That's the last I see before my consciousness slips from me
When I open my eyes, I am surrounded by beings
As I lie naked, they stare down upon me
I cannot see their faces, I only see their silhouette as I lie here paralyzed
Without the presence of words, they begin to speak to me, as if they have entered my mind
They speak with telepathy:
"you were born as human slave
A willing servant to interdimensional Gods
You were encarnalized to perform the will of your creators
We are the gods of the ancient world
Our will be done on earth as it is in heaven
Our will be done"
I am confounded by alters in my perception
I'm leaving my body
I can now see their faces
My soul now free of flesh
Beyond the mortal veil, they aren't the faces of gods
Behind this masquerade lies the faces of my deceivers
Extraterrestrial entities with no empathy
Malevolent beings cloaked in a veil of holy ones
They masquerade as angels
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