Aeons have passed through the clasp of pain
And bowed to fate's empowering will
It all started with the Sumerian priests
The rites of Babylon
Hatred grew when only the few we're allowed my salvation
Mystery - the taste of euphoria blew and
Fellated with rusty nails
The whole time they were fooled as their mouths
Quickly drooled at the sight of my plague they've wrought

Next it passed to Romans fools and then the Israeli
The holy roman empire ruled at the hands of
My catholic church - My leash
Dead in the brine - Their tombstones sent
Ticking time it quickly was spent as the dark ages accrued
Inquisitions and holy wars grew
Worship me or die

If they only knew
I sit and laught uncontrollably -
Revelation was the book that so warned of me
Writhe in pain, let them hang - As they suck on me
If they only knew
I could see them approach with theirs ships from afar
Their destiny to manifest bought
With sickness surmounting at a all new high
Decimation of the natives now on neigh

And why? To be them? To free them from fate?
Or to further their income gain?
Dead in the brine - Their tombstone's sent
Dead in the brine - No time to repent

Bring upon the storm of the final battle
And dread's dark altars
Even after all the pain received they still believe in me
When Gog and Magog - My partners in destruction
Gather in destruction gather in place to
Further the assumption
Temporary achievement through material and weakness
Their Achilles heel
Dead in the brine - It was their fate
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Dead In The Brine Lyrics

Enfold Darkness – Dead In The Brine Lyrics

Songwriters: Matt Brown, James Turk, Mike Low, Jack Blackburn
Dead In The Brine lyrics © TIGRIS MUSIC - REF

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