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Get To My Rocket Lyrics

Energy Whores – Get To My Rocket Lyrics

Three, two ,one, go
Got to get to my rocket
Got the keys in my pocket
The aliens are coming with their big eye sockets
Plasma guns and a hankering for
Heyo no no no no no no no

The full connect shuttle bays
Are glowing in the atmospheric rays
I could not reach this manifold for days,
Through the haze

Three, two ,one, go
My main rotational
Tension loads
Are no longer holding my manifolds
The radiation core is about to explode
Heyo no no no no no

Rescue is still light years away
And there are aliens inside my cargo bay
My vacuum thrust is shot,
Propellant tanks too hot,
To last the day

If I could only fix the system
For the robot brain recognition
And the low press turbo pump
Needs actuation
For aviation

I’ll give it one more try.
And If I crash please tell my husband that I tried
And that I love him
If I fail, say goodbye
Say Goodbye, goodbye
Three, two ,one, go
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