He sent her a note telling her to be at the local ice cream shop at 5pm. "Don't be late and come alone. P.S. - Now look under the garbage can." All my love for you has passed away and so will you after today. All my laid out plans, their purpose clearly: to do to you what you've done to me. Underneath the garbage can she found a rusty blade with a note asking her to: "think about the last time you hurt someone so bad. Now go to the diner on 14th Ave. Take a seat at table four. The one with the note and rose. Your death will be right with you. Do you see this rose? I picked it just for you. I made sure that it was the longest one, full of life, with the sharpest thorns. Now grip it tight and don't forget the stabbing pain you feel tonight. ...Oh yeah, don't look back." He creeps behind her and stabs her in the neck with the blade that she left back at the scene under the garbage can. "Don't you ever learn? What goes around comes around. You probably just thought that it didn't apply to you." So with her last gasp she begs for a second chance
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My Side Of Homicide Lyrics

Endwell – My Side Of Homicide Lyrics