'Cause I want, what you've got and
You want what I want and
Nothing matters to us tonight
Because I'll always be your friend
I'll be hear 'till the end.
But I don't know why I'm breaking down
I'm breaking down and

I see you dead on the floor
I just can't take anymore
And I don't wanna feel this way again
(This way again)
'Coz I spent three years in hell
If it's anymore time will tell
And now I see your all alone.

And with No means, Can't sleep, No dreames I can't breathe
I can't believe, this is me
Is this who I'm supposed to be

And all of these things I'm meant to be
All of these I'll never see and
I just wanna be me
And all of these things I'll never know
Turns out to be just what I show and
I don't wanna feel this way.

This seems like a decent part
Somewhere of where we want to start but
All of it just falls apart

And with endless amounts
Of time to kill
We just seem to stand
So still
And with the wind we sway
So far away
And with the wind we sway

I'm just so sick and tired of it all
Can't seem to fall asleep
And I can feel this to my core
I don't wanna walk out the door
I plead.
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Far Away Lyrics

End August – Far Away Lyrics

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