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The Bio Lyrics

Encore – The Bio Lyrics


I was that suburban negroid

Devoid of tribal instinct

To survive in these streets to me meant to pack my lunchmeat

Lonely but had em only have child perks

The ravage Sagitarius who got what he got through various

Outbursts of disfunction, self-proclaimed black sheep

I'm out for 'delf man, no game is that deep

I peep but all I ever see was a sea of leporsy

Drowin my brown skin, sold to cleverly

Adapt, asap was my modus op'

It was me, ? Balany alot? Before them quarters drop

Three niggas to one block

Ace, Boom, Self tried to chase wound

Face doom, make moves playin the tune

Of music them savages be usin, to manage amongst the ruins

My folks are lavish but I'm still pursuin squeals

Stop consumin L's, abusin brain cells

But wonder if my thirst for righteousness confused wit 'cane sales

Knowin the answer, I leave the triple beams to fiends

Blowin advance in green like Jo Jo Dancer

My life is caught and so is stream line of life

I'm callin them and settin lofty goals

Feelin like my soul is chose

More so than those who front the Nazi's dough

I let you know cuz God bestowed me to? And see true

For what it's worth, they say the earth's the meat's turf

But now I'm found to run the planet

I can't be weak to inherit it how it was handed

I need courage to understand the underhand

The plot and schemes, Illuminati got your bean fried

While I'm prepared for what's within the glare

Of the all-seeing eye, me and my shadow

Battle the snakes that rattle

As the mass get they ass served in herds

Similar to cattle, puttin they life up on collateral

Yo but for you this may not matter though

See for me, this is therapy

Critical thinkin to keep my ass away from drinkin

And smokin, locin wit my folks when it's unproductive

Allah selective who he keeps protecting

So I keep this all in perspective

My scripts got me lit wit all this shit I been through

That marks a seen through, don't even spark a scheme or two

But I found, despite your plight the world goes 'round

If you don't know by now, let me lay it down for you
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